Knowing Your Path

In the course of telling people about our journey, we’ve heard this a great deal:

“Wow! I wish I could do the same. You’re living my dream!”

To which we always wonder: Well why didn’t you do it then?


Everyone has different circumstances of course, which they claim prevent them from fulfilling their dream. Some people say it’s because of their children. Some people have newly-set-up fledgling businesses that they’ve invested time and money into. Some say their partners don’t share their passions, and would neither allow them to go on a journey around the world alone (or indeed with someone else), nor wish to accompany them.

This is the thing about circumstances: They change.

And while no one can fully control their circumstances, they can influence it. And this influence is called Belief. This is our Tinker Bell plea to those with a wistful dream but who think “it’s out of my reach” or “it’s not realistic”:


Believing on its own doesn’t cause a miracle to happen. Your children are not going to miraculously go from infancy to adulthood in one month (you don’t want that anyway!), your wife is not going to miraculously fall in love with martial arts after 20 years of disinterest, etc etc.

However, believing brings opportunities your way, and believing opens new doors. And because you believe – you take those opportunities. You change your circumstances.  And with your belief, you create your own miracle.

We know the whole internet is awash with the success stories of people claiming that it did – well are real people too, and it really happened for us. We’ll share our own miracle story soon.

Make changes.

But, you ask, how do you know what to believe in? How do you know that whatever crazy idea that you have in your head is the right one? How do you KNOW what your path is supposed to be?

Here’s the answer: You don’t, until you’re on it.

Ok, fine, you answer; that doesn’t seem helpful, but let’s go with that: How then do you get to the path?

Small step by small step. A lot of people will tell you that you should just go with whatever you enjoy and that calls to you. So we won’t repeat that. The secret that we will reveal to you is that:

It’s in the changes.

No one else can tell you what these changes have to be, because you already know what they are. Tear away all the bullshit that you tell yourself you “can’t” for whatever reason (that’s your fears) or all the bullshit other people tell you that you “can’t” (that’s their fears). You know what you want to do, really.

You may not see the point to the change; perhaps all you know right now is that your loathsome job is not right for you, and you have to leave it to grow – yet you’re worried about your bills. Now we’re not suggesting that you behave irresponsibly, but that’s fear-oriented decision-making. You fear not being able to keep up with your bills. So just forget about it for now (imagination is free), and really think about what you’d love to do if you didn’t have to worry about your bills. What would it be?

Now make a small change toward that. Just a small one. One that you can do without everything falling apart. Then make another. Don’t worry about the end. Just believe, and keep going. Because the universe that creates opportunities will only pay attention to you and start giving you handouts, when you start taking steps in the direction you want to go in.

You’ll know when you’re walking the right path, when you realise that things are just happening for you. Crazy coincidences, meeting just the right people you need to meet, much-needed opportunities just happening right when you really need them. Challenges are part of the game – nothing is fun if it’s too easy – but by and large, you’ll find the universe pushing you along your path.

At this point, more belief is called for: the belief that all will be well, in the end. And it will.