The Beginning of Yee Han and Ingo’s Journey

It starts here! The first baby steps on the insane path we’ve chosen (or been led to).

What’s your journey about?
We are travelling around the world to learn from and train with different teachers and disciplines. At the moment, we are focused on the following:

  • Martial arts (primary)
  • Movement arts
  • Spirituality
  • Health / Healing
  • Organic farming / Off-grid sustainable living

We wish to grow mentally, physically and spiritually, to be able to help others.

So what happens at the end?
We intend to build an institution, to share what we had learnt, and to help others grow too.

How long is this trip going to be?
At the present moment, our projection is for 2 – 3 years.

And how are you paying for it?
Don’t think that we’ve been scraping and saving for a lifetime to fully pay for this trip either! We haven’t. Most of our money is being tied up to start the institution with when the trip ends. We have only just enough to cover the plane tickets, and that’s it. In a word – we DON’T have the money to pay for this now. But we’re going anyway. Ohh yes, yes, we are going anyway.

Consider for one that most of our accommodation expenses will be minimal. We intend to work in exchange for stay (and sometimes food!) – for instance, by WWOOFing.

When do you start? What’s your itinerary?

29 June 2015, Sweden – training in Kali de Mano!

July 2015 sees us in Europe: Germany, France, Switzerland.
March 2016: We will be in Vietnam for the Peaceful Warrior Camp!

But that’s all we really know for now. In between and after – all still up in the air!
Hmm, well some possible destinations include: United Kingdom, America, Japan, Tahiti, India, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Finland, Vietnam…

You mean you don’t have a plan?
See, this is the thing about a journey like this: You CAN’T have a plan!

We tried at first, but then something would happen. We would learn about a new workshop, or someone would learn of our trip and invite us someplace else… For example, we were originally planning (like a pair of idiots) to spend 9 months in Europe. Completely forgetting that Yee Han’s Singaporean passport would only allow her a maximum of 3 months there!

The journey is already, in some ways, bigger than we are. We learn and grow the most by flowing with it; and this is also another important lesson: You can’t control life with a plan. And you don’t need to. Let life teach you.

Are you neglecting any responsibilities to do this?
At the start of the trip, Yee Han is 28 and Ingo 33. We have no children, no burgeoning new business to take care of, no loans to pay off, no financial debts. Yee Han’s parents don’t need our support (far from it in fact); and Ingo’s parents passed away years ago, so they really don’t need our support. The rest of our families are self-sufficient. No, we are quite, quite free.

Sure, we both left ‘good’ jobs, stable salaries and promising careers (that is, promising drudgery and spirit murder).  Honestly, we couldn’t be happier about that!


12 thoughts on “The Beginning of Yee Han and Ingo’s Journey

  1. All the best and lots of positive energies to you guys. This journey is going to be awesome. Looking forward to follow your travels on this blog. Hopefully we will meet somewhere during this time. Hugs


  2. Wahhhhhh!!!!! Excited and happy for uuuuu! Bookmarked this page and will sure to visit again. Pls dun forget ur passion to write toooo. And when’s lunch?

    -Renee (i rmb to put my name this time!)


    1. Hi Renee! The passion will be worked out here! ; ) You can ‘follow’ the blog (buttons available below) for convenience, so you get an email when there’s a new post. That would be easier! And lunch – text you!


  3. Don’t forget Kali’s birthplace too! And and, Russia’s Systema might be a worthy thing to look out for. :) Safe travels you two!


  4. Sali zäme

    Ich wünsche Euch beiden eine schöne, interessante und spirituelle Reise, wo es Euch auch immer hinführt! Ich werde euren Blog verfolgen und somit Dich nicht ganz aus den Augen verlieren, Ingo. Es hat mich sehr gefreut Dich kennen zu lernen und mit Dir zu arbeiten. Viele Grüsse János


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