Europe road trip!

Quick update: We’ve finally settled Yee Han’s visa! And we can now confirm that we will be in Europe for around 9 months, from 18 June 2015 till 24 February 2016.

For those interested, Yee Han’s last day in Singapore is 17 June; her flight is in the morning of 18 June.

We will be travelling by car throughout Europe during this time. So we are open to go ANYWHERE! during this time! To give you a rough idea of where we would be:

Jun – Aug      Sweden, Germany
Aug – Sep     Switzerland
Sep – Dec     France (Marseille, La Rochelle, Paris), Amsterdam
Dec              Switzerland, France, United Kingdom

Jan – Feb     United Kingdom, Amsterdam
Feb – Mar     Vietnam
Mar – ?         Singapore

Please also let us know if you can host us in the UK.

Give us a shout if you’d like to have us drop by! And by “shout” we mean “comment below” or “email”  ; )