Raw vegan juicing gets a little scary

By Day 3, we had already visibly lost weight – yes indeed – “wait, what?!” Ingo noticed that his ring, which just days ago was a very tight and almost uncomfortable fit, was loose enough to slide off his finger. Yee Han pulled on a skirt that should have pinched her flesh mercilessly, to find that it fit quietly and politely.

That’s not the little-scary part. What was scary was what hit us on the morning of the third day… The lethargy. And we’re not talking about a mildly tired sort of thing. This was a combination of throbbing headaches; dizziness; a bone-deep tiredness that made all our movements slow and heavy, like underwater choreography except without the grace; a similarly slow and underwater clunkiness in thought processes; a heavy blanket of sleepiness; grouchiness; and faintness.

And this hit us on a morning when we were out running a bunch of errands. We were so slow in doing everything, despite knowing that we needed to hurry and return, that we couldn’t reach home until hours later. Ingo was driving, and at some points, his lethargy almost made it genuinely dangerous.

Ok, lethargy doesn’t sound scary. But think about it. Suddenly your body isn’t responding to you like it usually does. Something is happening that you can’t control and, because you’re thinking so slowly, you can’t at first even understand why. (Situations where one feels out of control and at the mercy of the unknown often lead to fear.) Well, we were cocky: both of us had experience in different types of fasting, so we had thought we knew what to expect!

Truly delicious creamy raw vegan mushroom soup – in the Swiss summer!

We’ve realised since that our mistake that day was to go too long without replenishment. While our bodies were still adjusting to the slight change in intake (for both type and volume), it began demanding nourishment about every 3 hours. Sorry, we have no clear idea what the science behind it is, but anyway our bodies got used to it and we fell into a 3-meal-daily cycle of feeding (about once every 5 hours or so). Yee Han got full very fast (so Ingo usually got to eat her lion’s share) but also got hungry very fast.

Our sleep was affected too: we noticeably needed much more sleep than before, passing out for between 8 – 10 hours nightly. However our quality of sleep was much better! We were sleeping deeply even under trying circumstances (like when we camped in a forest accidentally near a wasp nest – more later!).

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.00.11 pm Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.57.17 pm

Energy levels were very low from days 1 – 4. Every time we planned a physical activity for that day, we would find ourselves physically incapable or just plain comatose. By Day 5 though, we were pretty much revived, clambering about on old Roman ruins, and boxing and Kali training.

On Day 6, Yee Han began to stagger under a heavy headache. Ingo’s diagnosis was correct: She was only dehydrated. Problem solved.

Oh and just casually, we are both farting in impolitely inordinate volume and frequency.

And Ingo’s pee is much less smelly.

Our *Number One Recommendation* Before Doing a Reboot

Please, PRACTICE BLENDING FIRST! Before you go into doing a full reboot where all you have to eat are your own blended creations, make them on your own to make sure that you’ll have only tastiness galore when you begin! Otherwise, I’m afraid, at least the beginning of your reboot will be quite sad indeed. And a good beginning will be what allows for one to continue.


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