Beginnings and goodbyes and beginnings again

When do all the beginnings end?

Today is yet another beginning. It’s Ingo’s last day in the office! And Yee Han is now in Switzerland with him, having just said goodbye to Singapore. In fact right now, Yee Han is at Ingo’s office, visiting and attracting stares (zomg it’s an Asian chick hot damn!).

It is truly sublime to be together, and to know that at least in the near future, we’re not going to have to separate again! Every time that we have met so far, we have had to fly away from each other after just one or two weeks, to be at opposite ends of the earth. No fun at all, believe us. And now here we are, going to sleep and waking up next to each other, finally able to touch and speak and smell and laugh as much as we want. Few things could be more blissful, than to be happily together with the person you love.

Yet Yee Han already misses her family and friends back in Singapore very much. Because after all, we have more than one person whom we love. Her mother sent her forlorn messages that led to heart-break tears; and her farewells with her friends over the last few weeks have simply not been enough. It isn’t the end of the world – we’ll all see each other again very soon anyway! – but she’s a sentimental sod and she’s washing the end of her Singapore chapter with tears.

These beginnings and goodbyes have been plenty already so far. We struggle and struggle for what feels like forever, and then suddenly everything flows as naturally as your pee does after you’ve been holding it for a long time: agony and then freedom and bliss.

Take Yee Han’s road to Europe, for example. We planned a road trip in Europe for 9 months, and her Singapore passport only allows her 90 days within a 6 month period in most European countries – or Get Out and Stay Out (horror!). So we had to find some way to allow her to stay, preferably some legal way that doesn’t involve selling her body. And we found out the hard way that the public information provided by the Swiss government is deliberately and necessarily vague; every canton has its own set of rules which you must ask them about; and then everyone’s job is to tell you that sorry, we can’t do A for you, why don’t you try asking B? And B says sorry, try C? and so on.

Every step came with complications. Even when we found a solution, the entire process of said solution (no spoilers; you’ll know what it is later) was fraught with complexities. And it wasn’t just for the visa application – so many of the smaller necessaries that she had to do, from switching to a new phone to getting clothes, from credit card applications to bill payments, came with unexpected roadblocks.

But then along with these droplets of complications would come oceans of sheer blessed luck. Once the process had been set in motion, Yee Han’s actual physical journey to Europe was blessed all the way. All her flights were early; her transits smooth; the flight paths completely serene and smooth all the way; her seat neighbours amiable; and all of her weight-restrictions-exceeded (yes, she was let off that too) luggage were the very very first off the baggage wheel.

The universe, we are told, wants us to do this – we just have to show the universe by our persistent struggle, that we too do want it! It’s a bit intimidating that everything is going so smoothly. Of course we do our best to make sure that it stays that way for the things that are within our control, but for the rest – we can’t believe just how lucky we are. Our immense gratitude comes with quite a bit of awe as well.

One of our biggest pieces of luck, of course, was finding each other.

Here’s to yet another new beginning.


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