Health reboot challenge; or The Liquid Feast

On Saturday morning we began what we would fondly like to call our “liquid feast” – aka the Health Reboot challenge.

Started by Guro Fred Evrard of Kali Majapahit, 350 people promised to reboot their health by drinking raw vegan liquids for a period of 10, 20 or 30 days.

We decided to join in too, even though the timing is not the best for us – we have a few must-eat occasions lined up (you know the kind where not eating would give mortal offence), and we’re going to be on the road for 40 hours starting Saturday. Yet we will still do it at this time too. Because we realised how important it is to participate in the energies of such group efforts: aka, Ripples.

We’ll run the 30 day marathon of this, and depending on how it goes, we hope to extend it for even longer… yes, ambitious!

But hey, how hard can it be?   ; )


Day One

The first day was exciting: we went out and bought an impressive new blender, and lots and lots of food… We were both constantly hungry, reasonably energetic and uncharacteristically sleepy.

Day Two

Though still constantly hungry, thanks to previous experience in raw vegan juicing, we could avoid the common misery-making mistakes of first-time blending while faint and desperate. And even more importantly, we have a powerful new blender (with which we grow increasingly impressed with every meal!).

But then beginning from Day Three, things took an intimidating turn… Watch this space.


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