2 Days, 4 Countries – In a Car (Chapter 1)

Two days. Four countries.

In a car.

While on a raw vegan juice reboot.

And sleeping in a tent.


Chapter 1: Driving, Raw Veganism, and Germany

Our destination was Gothenburg, Sweden at the invitation of, and to learn from, Guro Claes Johansson of Kali de Mano. 2 days of driving, and 1 overnight stop in Germany. If we couldn’t juice the whole time, we thought that perhaps at least we could keep to a raw vegan diet… which was a LOT harder than we had thought it would be.

Things we did while on the road:

  1. Drive drive drive
  2. eat fruit nibble nuts
  3. drive drive drive
  4. Learn languages! Ingo: Japanese, YH: French
    (Free downloads of audio language lessons make for productive long car journeys!)

At mid-day, we had a stopover. We ate salad from a large commercial buffet. It was a little sad.


As the day wore on with more road and more raw veganism, we felt increasingly faint and queer; things began to blur. No matter how much or what we ate, we could not focus, nor think clearly, and our energy was so low. For long-distance driving, it was actually quite dangerous.

By evening, we were driving into pretty German countryside, where we saw our fellow raw vegan cousins. Their lives seemed more black and white than ours.


We literally blew into our campsite around 8pm together with a strong wind. It seemed like it was going to be a Dark and Stormy Night. Which is Not Good News if one is going to set up a tent! Especially if, like us, one has only set this particular tent up just once before, plus was faint from a whole day of road and eating grass! Take a look at the photo below (taken in the morning). Spot anything off?


As we would discover the next morning with a broken tent pole, we had set up our tent… WRONG. (By the mercy of all the gods however, the strong wind had remained only a strong wind through the night, and no rainfall had collapsed the tent on us.)

Anyway, we were hungry hungry hungry after all the effort of setting the tent up wrongly, and… confession: During the drive, we had talked the whole way about finding a German bar after setting up the tent: Ingo getting a German beer, and Yee Han getting something sinfully, chewfully meaty. We were feeling faint. Time to listen to our bodies, we said. CRAVINGS WERE RULING US.

So we found a restaurant, and stood for ages outside salivating over the options, deciding which fish we would order…

… and how very sad and silly we felt when we turned around and tried the door – and it was locked. And dark within. The restaurant had closed more than an hour ago. A group of merry folk with their beers sat around a table outside of it and laughed. We imagined that they were the restaurant staff crowing at the hapless customers and walked away, cowed and hungry.

This is what we ended up eating, more disciplined about our raw veganism than we had anticipated:

IMG_7426 IMG_7425

More fruits and nuts. (Which we had already been eating the whole day.) Hey, at least our faces are cheery!

The following morning, birdsong and a nearby snorer woke us up. Since we had arrived rather late, and spent the last hours of the evening pitching tent in a hurry then staggering faintly about in search of a restaurant (which had been tragically closed), we hadn’t seen much of our campsite. So in the light of the summer dawn, we finally saw what we had camped next to:


Yee Han's never seen a proper river before!
Yee Han’s never seen a proper river before!


A German river.

Beautiful. Made everything worthwhile.

But then we realised that we were out of food this day…

To be continued, in:  Chapter 2: Okay, so Raw Veganism Doesn’t Work on the Road


2 thoughts on “2 Days, 4 Countries – In a Car (Chapter 1)

  1. YH says: Speaking as a spoilt Singaporean city girl, this whole road-tripping and camping lark… most certainly not something my MOE education or city experiences ever prepared me for.

    E.g.: I have a fear of large insects buzzing by my ear. The first time we set up the tent (deep inside a dark forest where no one went), I had to

    a) Learn how to set up a tent for the first time ever
    b) In the dark
    c) With a partner who didn’t know how to set up this tent either

    Spent half the time fumbling tent poles and pegs, and the other half SCREAMING crouched on the ground because of said wasps…

    More to that story in another post.

    Anyway Isabel, yes, exciting. ; )


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