Hello world! – Updates on the last two months

HELLO WORLD! We are BACK after a long hiatus away from Facebook and the blog! To return to the business of updates, here is, very briefly indeed, what has been happening:

  1. Training, learning, pushing limits, meditating every day
  2. Outdoor rock climbing at a couple of mountains
  3. Mummy and sister (from Singapore) visited us for 2 weeks!!!
  4. Hiking in forests
  5. Arduous admin struggles with the Swiss authorities
  6. Learning how to climb
  7. Learning how to cycle
  8. Learning how to drive
  9. A visit to the emergency room of the hospital
  10. Swimming in lakes and rivers
  11. A completely liquid fast for 1 week (no blending even, juicing only)
  12. Research and acting on financial investments
  13. Fires galore
  14. Horse-riding
  15. Attended a large and wonderful Kali Majapahit seminar in France, learning how to be an instructor
  16. Spent lots of time together, building the solid foundation love-blocks of our relationship
  17. Good times with friends
  18. Lots of heart-stopping near-death moments
  19. Culinary adventures
  20. Saw castles, snow in summer, and more cows than humans

There’s definitely lots more that slip my mind for now, but it’s definitely been a very very rich time!

Places visited:
  1. Radolfzell
  2. Munich
  3. Bethisy St. Pierre and about twenty other small French towns
  4. Lots and lots of expeditions all over Switzerland

Overall, I would say that we have spent this time slowly but surely building our strength, challenging face-on many of our fears. We have made preparations both mental and physical (building our bodies; doing the paperwork; and going shopping too!) for the continuation of our long trip ahead… and we are the happiest that we have ever been in our lives. 

Our fire burns stronger every day!