The blog is back!

Everything goes smoother after a round of chanting. That’s something we learned during our stay at an Ashram in India. While chanting, the mind quiets and inspiration starts to flow more easily. It’s been a while (as you’ve noticed) since the last post in this blog and the writing flow has yet to come back. But thanks to the experiences we got in India, we have the right set of skills to tackle this issue. Anyway, that’s what I did right before writing this post: I chanted “Om namo narayanaya” for a minute or two and after that the text started to flow again.

One of our most valued experiences: Staying at an Ashram in India

At this point, we say “Thank you!” to everyone who remarked the deserted state of our blog: Even your most sarcastic skits showed us that our efforts are appreciated and this blog actually has an interested audience.

Our current location: China. (Finally!) We’ve been anticipating this destination of our trip for a long time. Most of our destinations were more or less prone to discussion about whether or when we’d go there. Some plans were dropped (Thaiboxing camp in Thailand), others were added thanks to new advices and experiences (Savate/French Boxing in Paris), but China always stood there as a non negotiable highlight of our trip.

It’s a turtle. It’s a dragon. It’s a dragon-headed turtle with tiger paws! Welcome to China.

The first experience we’d like to share with you is a culinary one.

In order for you to understand it we have to take you on a little digression. More precisely: To a Swiss army boot camp.

Those who enjoyed serving in the Swiss army probably know one very infamous food – The “Spätzli Johnny”. It’s basically a pre-cooked meal containing a sort of pasta, meat strips and gravy. It comes in a can and only needs to be heated and enjoyed…well – here’s the catch and it’s reason for being infamous: Spätzli Johnny is the worst-tasting dish ever, period. Not only does it taste awful, also all the ingredients taste exactly the same and are only distinguishable by texture.

Coming back to topic. We’re in an airplane now, China Southern Airlines flying from Bangkok to China. In that plane we got our first impression of local Chinese quality. Lunch is served. Chicken rice, which happens to be one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Hungry and full of anticipation, I’m opening the aluminium foil lid and as expected, chicken, rice and baby cabbage present themselves to me. I take a big forkful of this promising food and – oh wordless shock of unwanted memories! It tastes exactly the same as the “Spätzli Johnny”!

Was this only a foretaste of what we’re going to experience in China? Or was it just a regrettable isolated case? Stay tuned, we have some awesome stories waiting for you!


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