We’re Off Again! So Here’s Where We’re Gonna Be

Hello all! I’m posting this from the airport in Singapore, about to take off* for Zurich!

Everyone’s been asking about what’s happening next, and where we’re going to be, so here it is in a glance!

2 May – 17/18  May

We’re taking 2 weeks in Switzerland to look for our future home! : D   We’re pretty certain that our school and home is going to be in Switzerland, but we don’t yet know which city (although we have some pretty definite ideas). Also we’re taking a bit of time to sell our car. It’s a luxury we can happily do without.

18 May –  Late August

In Gothenburg, Sweden, training with the unbeatable Kali de Mano. Claes has told us that “old-school” style training is open to us – if we’re up for it! And OF COURSE we are. Heavens, it sounds unbelievably exciting!!!

Also somewhere during this period, we will take a 1 or 2-week trip to Finland, to train and be with our beloved KM brother there.

Late August

In Switzerland again: there’s a wedding in the family (not ours)! And there might be a meeting with a friend just across the border, in France!


Most likely, in La Rochelle, France, for Savate (French boxing) training.

Kali Majapahit founder and our mentor Guro Fred told us that if we really want to move well, to learn the ‘dance’ of martial arts, we would have to go into boxing. So off we trot.

1-2 October

Bethisy-St.-Pierre, France, for the Kali Majapahit Masterclass!

From this point onwards, anything is possible! Many ideas of course, some more definite than others. Just watch this blog for updates  ; )

Ooh but these plans for 2017 are for certain:

24-26 February 2017, I am at the Empowered Woman Camp in Thailand

27 February – 5 March 2017, we are both at the Peaceful Warrior Camp in Thailand

No question, WE WILL BE THERE.

Somewhere around these dates, we will be in Singapore.

And somewhere before or after the camp dates, we are thinking of doing Muay Thai at a camp in Thailand also.

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